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Planning and Designing Ski Areas & Winter Sports Resorts

South Tyrol, with its high density of tourist facilities as well as its infrastructure, is a model region for sustainable tourism in the Alpine area where a third of the wealth created within the country is generated directly or indirectly from tourism.
South Tyrol companies from this area of expertise enjoy a high regard internationally for planning and designing ski resorts. They combine precise technical master planning with creativity and an unerring instinct for tourism in order to present winter sports centres as highly attractive destinations. These businesses can look back on years of experience; they are renowned as innovative experts in the planning and construction of sports facilities and centres, as well as for paying due heed to the necessary infrastructure required for winter sports centres. Efficient use of resources as well as cost control are at the heart of every process. Sustainability in terms of quality and consideration for the environment and the prevailing culture are of overriding concern. In order to remain attractive in the future, they are constantly working on improvements, optimising their products and putting into practice new visions with international appeal whilst striving to preserve authenticity

South Tyrol companies with expertise in this key area: