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Snow and Piste Expertise

When it comes to snow, South Tyrol companies are the world market leaders!
With four companies possessing expertise in “Artificial Snow” and one specialist in piste preparation, South Tyrol can boast a concentration of knowledge, unique in the world, around artificial snow technology and the handling of compact snow. South Tyrol’s pistes extend to an area of more than 3,800 hectares (9,400 acres) of which 90% are treated with compact snow in order to guarantee perfect piste conditions for winter sports fans throughout the season.
Since the late 1980s South Tyrol has been gathering knowledge about optimising the production of high quality snow suitable for its special geographical circumstances and has used these findings to develop highly specialised products. This trend has continued over the past few years, though special emphasis has additionally been placed on sustainable and resource-aware snow production. The entire cycle, from water collection and storage to technically optimised snow production and perfectly prepared pistes or “snowparks” has been continually refined and improved.

South Tyrol companies with expertise in this key area: